Course: Dog Care and Basic Training
Category: Hobby & Special Interest
Description: Approx. Start Date: Tuesday 15 October 
(Applicants will receive confirmation of actual start date by letter and text)

This new course is suitable for dog owners and those planning to get a dog. It comprises two weeks of classroom-based instruction and a further two weeks of practical instruction, where participants are invited to bring along one (friendly) dog so that they can learn hands-one about the concepts and skills being taught. 

Course Content

Week 1: Introduction - Understanding your dog, How dogs think, Dog Human relationships, Domestication, The Dominance theory, what it's like to be a dog. Basic training class etiquette, equipment, handling food. Eye contact

Week 2: Responsible dog ownership - Legislation, licencing, socialisation, welfare, where to get a dog, how to have a friendly dog, Dog manners. Basic training class subjects, sit, down stand.  

Week 3: Dog care - General health, signs of good and bad health, feeding, neutering, and vaccinations. Basic training class subjects, loose lead walking, stopping jumping up and hand touch

Week 4: Canine First Aid - Safety, assess the scene, barriers, muzzling, checking for breathing and bleeding, recovery position, serious bleeding and choking. Basic training, stay and recall, fun and games.

Please note: The practical training with your dog will take place out of doors so warm clothing is recommended. The tutor will advise participants in advance about which weeks they should bring along their dogs.
Tutor: TBA
Fee: €100
Duration: 4 weeks
Start Date: 2019-09-09
Start/End Time: 7.00pm - 9.30pm
Day: Tuesday Evenings