Course: Mindfulness - exploring & delivering a mindful life
Category: Wellbeing

May there be kindness in your gaze as you look within - John O´Donohue

Who could have said it better!

In participating in this course it is possible to learn and embody the following
creating a way of being which not only benefits you but everyone you come in
contact with.

Exploration - What Mindfulness is and what it isn´t, Simple ways in which you can interweave it into your
everyday life at work and home, Mindfulness as a stress relief, Mindful
techniques, Positivity, Relaxation, Reframing, How to respond to your life and
stop reacting, Living with acceptance and non- judgment and how they can
transform your life, Cultivating compassion and loving kindness - learning how
to befriend yourself, the longest and most important relationship you will ever
have, The body scan, for a restful night sleep, cultivating a mind/body

Tutor: TBA TBA
Fee: €120
Duration: 10 weeks
Start Date: 2019-09-23
Start/End Time: 19.00 - 21.00