Course: Introduction to Archaeology Part One- Local Archaeology
Category: Archaeology
This course is aimed at people with an interest in local history and archaeology ,who wish to develop a more detailed understanding of the subject and the profession.  The course examines 9000 years of human activity in North Waterford and South Kilkenny. It is designed to give participants an introduction to the archaeology of Ireland from the first hunter-gatherers at a time when wild lynx roamed the countryside, until the middle ages. Each period will include a discussion of material found on sites locally. The course will also include an introduction to professional archaeology in Ireland and to methods of excavation and survey.     

Topic 1:  Archaeology in Ireland and The Irish Mesolithic - Hunter/Gatherers
Topic 2: The Neolithic - The First Farmers
Topic 3: The Bronze Age - Ritual and Society 
Topic 4: The Iron Age -Craftsmen in their Locality
Topic 5: The Early Middle Ages - Craftsmen and Traders
Topic 6: The Middle Ages - Town and Country

Tutor: TBA TBA
Fee: €150
Duration: 0 weeks
Start Date: 2019-02-04
Start/End Time: 7.00PM - 9.00PM
Day: Monday